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Selling in Comments Sections - Does it Work?

You know that it is a "growing" thing when people are talking about how to sell in comments. The Internet has indeed become a vast marketplace for all business types. From big to small you will find that the possibilities are many and varied. So, if you are planning to set up your own blog or a website to sell your products or services, why not try selling in comments? The fact is that you can make money out of it even though it can prove to be tedious at times.


In case you have not heard of it before, the cell in the comments section is the place on a website or a blog where a user can leave a comment for another user that is linked to them. The owner of that website or blog then reads the comments and picks up the most liked ones. Those that get more clicks or attention are then posted on the site or blog for others to bid on. When a price is agreed upon, whoever owns the rights to that these products can then sell it.


If you make a successful sell, you make money out of the sale. This depends on whom you are bidding against and on what the market wants at that particular moment. There is no stopping anyone from making money out of this market place, and the only requirement is one that knows the market and how to use it to one's advantage from this page.


This method has indeed made some people wealthy. But you should take note that this is no sure thing. One could just as easily make a comment and lose the battle for the top spot. This is because the comments that get the most attention are those that are closest to the owners' perceived core, meaning their opinions and thoughts on a certain topic are what matters the most.


So, when you see people bidding hard for the top spot or taking up all the bids, there is nothing wrong with waiting for the inevitable. Why not instead leave all your comments for one specific product and wait for the bidding war to ensue? And since you're the best person for the job, you will do just that. When a seller gets tired of your comments and sees that you are more than willing to sell in comments, you will be the one getting all the action. And who knows, maybe your opinion will be that 'it's high time for another sale,' and that'll be the start of your new found fortune. To know more about ecommerce, visit this website at http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Ecommerce.


It's important to also realize that selling in comments sections aren't all about cash. Many marketers make a living with their blogs, articles, and knowledge sharing. It can be hard work and may not always pay well. So if you want to sell in comments, make sure you get your stuff noticed, and make sure you know how to sell in comments.