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Why Should You Sell in Comments?

You may have read in the past that it is not recommended to sell in comments. It is true that some webmasters may have received a negative reply from a buyer for selling something on their blog. But, this does not mean that all of them are fake. There are people who are real and they can provide good feedback to anyone who wants to buy something. Those are real people who can really help those people by commenting on their blogs and leave a positive or neutral review. Let us discuss why people sell in comments.


One reason why people sell in comments is to get more views. Almost all of the people today spend a lot of time browsing different blogs. If a person can find a blog that he likes very much and he can tell people about his blog, maybe people will start visiting that blog regularly and will be able to read his comments. If the blog owner can tell a real person about his blog, then there will be a chance for people to buy the soldsie alternative products from him.


Another reason why people sell in comments is to advertise. There are some blog owners who allow only registered paid members to leave a link on their blog. If you are lucky enough to be a part of this blog, then you can have a great advertising opportunity. When people click on your link, you will be able to promote your products or services to them and you will get a good profit from it.


Another reason why blog owners sell in comments is because they do not want their readers to see some parts of the blog, which they think is not relevant to their topic. Sometimes a person writes a blog post which is very informative and interesting. But, someone might write a comment on the post and say something which is not relevant. Be sure to check out this website at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/e-commerce for more info about ecommerce.


So, instead of seeing irrelevant comments on a blog post, people who want to sell something may leave a comment on the post linking to a sale page where they can sell a product or a service to the reader. A marketer may put his link on the post to attract more traffic to his website. If the comments left by other readers are good, there will be many people who would be interested in buying the products advertised on the blog. This will result in an increase in sales as well as traffic to the blog.


The marketer does not even need to read the whole post. He just has to copy the link and paste it on his website or blog. When he sees that the comments left by other readers are helpful, he will most likely put the link he made on his site or blog on the front page of his site. That way, people will be able to order the product he is selling.